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Photos Standards


In an effort to maintain consistency across the delivery of all photography services, please review and follow this standards document and ensure your camera settings can support the Format and Size as outlined below.


There are many great cameras available for real estate photography and we don't limit our staff to a single make or model.  What's important is the the camera's capability of HDR Photography also known as bracketing and its ability to shoot in RAW format producing a 16:9 photo ratio.

Wide-Angled Lens

All real estate shoots must be conducted using a Wide Angled Lens shooting at 10mm focal length.

An example of a Wide Angled Lens is the 10 - 24mm Fujinon Aspherical Lens.

Tri-Pod / Remote Shooting

All real estate shoots must be conducted using a sturdy tripod.  This is particularly important when shooting in HDR as the camera will take multiple exposures and any movement will distort the images during post-editing.  A way to remotely trigger the photos (via a smartphone or remote control) is also highly recommended to prevent camera movement.

Format (HDR)

All photos must be taken in RAW format using High Dynamic Range (HDR), this is also known as "bracketing" using 3 levels of exposure as follows:


  • 2 clicks under exposed

  • normal/standard

  • 2 clicks over exposed

To learn more about HDR photography see the following video:

Image Size

16:9 Ratio (6240 x 3512)

Sample Images

The following sample images were taken using the Fujifilm X-T30 with the 10 - 24mm Fujinon Aspherical Wide Angled Lens and Tripod.


HDR RAW - Under Exposed


HDR RAW - Normal Exposure


HDR RAW - Over Exposed


Final Product after Post HDR Editing

Image Validation / Testing

To test your photos, please upload them to the following link:

Google Drive (Click Here)

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