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  • I have a new listing, when and how do I schedule a media session?"
    The sooner the better! The easiest way to schedule a media session is by clicking on the “Schedule a Service” link, our Media Professional calendars are up to date with available time slots. You may also call 908.800.4147 to schedule your booking. Here is quick tutorial of our online booking.
  • What should we do to prepare for the shoot?
    Preparing the home for the shoot is one of the most important steps in making a lasting first impression and attracting more buyers. We have created the PREPARE Checklist to help our clients prepare for the shoot. We recommend printing and giving a copy to the homeowner(s) to help them through this process. Click Here to Download
  • How long does a media session take to complete?
    On average, it takes 1 hour to complete each service, for example, if your services require both Photography and Floor Plan, plan for 2 hours. The actual time required to perform a media service will depend on the property size and required services.
  • What if it rains or snows on the day of my appointment?
    During inclement weather, we can still take interior photos/videos, complete floor plans, our photographer can return on a better day to complete exterior shoots. If you prefer, you can also reschedule the entire session online with a 24 hour advance notice or give us a call at 908.800.4147.
  • How do I reschedule my appointment?
    You can reschedule your appointment online, simply login and click on "My Bookings"; you can also give us a call at 908.800.4147.
  • Do I have to be present the day of my appointment?
    No you do not! Our media professionals are all familiar with lock boxes or they can use hidden keys/garage codes to access the property. If homeowners/tenants will be present in the home without an agent, please ensure they are aware of the appointment. Please be sure the property is ready to be shot before our media professional arrives. We are not responsible for the readiness, staging or cleaning of the property. Please refer to the HOME PREP guide for more information. If you are present, we will review the media with you prior to leaving the property to make sure you are completely satisfied with the work. The final media files will be delivered to you via your account, simply login and click on "My Projects".
  • How soon are my photos/videos/floor plans delivered?
    Photos and Floor Plans are delivered within 24 hours. Videos and Floor Plans are delivered within 48 hours as they require additional post editing. All media files are uploaded to the projects section of your account, they can be easily downloaded and used in the MLS.
  • Is there a fee for appointment cancelations?
    There is a $50 cancelation fee for appointments canceled within 24 hours of the appointment start time. To prevent this fee, please cancel your appointment more than 24 hours in advance online or by calling 908.800.4147.
  • How do I upload photos to my GSMLS listing?
    Floor plans can be uploaded once you have activated your listing and you have an MLS ID. Step 1. Login to GSMLS -> Agent Mngt -> View/Ed Agt Inv -> Active Inventory Step 2. Place checkmark next to desired listing and click on “Edit Media” Step 3. Under the Images Tab, click on “Add Images”, then “Add Photos” button. Step 4. Browse for the photos you would like to add and upload them. You will be able to label, edit, delete and reorder images once they have been uploaded.
  • How do I upload floor plans to my GSMLS listing?
    Floor plans can be uploaded once you have activated your listing and you have an MLS ID. Step 1. Login to GSMLS -> Agent Mngt -> View/Ed Agt Inv -> Active Inventory Step 2. Place checkmark next to desired listing and click on “Edit Media” Step 3. Click on “Documents” tap then “Add New” Step 4. Select “Floor Plans” under Document Type and “Email” under Select a submission type Step 5. Follow the GSMLS Instructions and email Floor Plan PDFs from your email address registered with GSMLS. Instructions: To use this option, your documents must be in PDF format, and must use the email address that you have registered as the MLS Req'd email. If another email address is used your paperwork will be rejected and a failure notification will be emailed back to you. To email your paperwork to the Garden State MLS, please open your email client and follow the steps below. Open your email client (ex: Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL ...) and compose a new email. Enter as the TO: email address Type in or copy and paste MLS: <mls> DocID: <document> as the subject of your email.</document></mls> Attach your documents to your email. This must be in a PDF format or it will be rejected by the MLS. For locally installed email clients (Example: Outlook or Outlook Express) click on Preformatted Email.
  • How do I upload video tours to my GSMLS listing?
    The simplest way to upload a video teaser or tour to your GSMLS listing is via YouTube. Step 1. Login to GSMLS -> Agent Mngt -> View/Ed Agt Inv -> Active Inventory Step 2. Place checkmark next to desired listing and click on “Edit Media” Step 3. Click on the “Links” tab and copy/paste the YouTube Video URL and give it a Title (e.g. Video Tour)
  • Does Escribens Media support virtual tours on GSMLS?
    Yes! Escribens Media is an approved virtual tour vendor with GSMLS.
  • Are Media Professionals background checked?
    Absolutely! Your safety and trust is our number one priority, our Media Professionals undergo throughall interview and background checks as part of our hiring process. If you have any questions or concerns about our Media Professionals, please call 908.800.4147.
  • What's the turn around time on photos?
    Photos are delivered within 24 hours following the shoot.
  • How are my photos delivered?
    Photos are delivered directly to your account, simply login to view and download your photos.
  • What is the Blue Sky Guaranteed?
    Mother nature is unpredictable and sometimes our shoots land on overcast or extremely cloudy days; our Blue Sky Guaranteed ensures that your photos will be delivered with beautiful blue skies even on overcast/cloudy days.
  • What format do you use for photos?
    We shoot all our photos in RAW Format to maximize quality, our photos are also shot to MLS standards (16:9 ratio).
  • What is the difference between HDR and Flambient?
    High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a technique used to photograph using multiple exposures, this is also know as bracketing photography. In Real Estate, this technique works well in most spaces, though we also shot using a technique known as Flambient, where we take an ambient shot alongside multiple flash shots to ensure the best color balance and window pulls. On shoots, we normally use both techniques, your media professional can explain more.
  • Are drone pilots FAA Part 107 Licensed?
    Absolutely! Our pilots are all Part 107 Licensed by the Federal Aviation Administation (FAA) and abide by all FAA regulations.
  • I think the property is too close to an airport.  Can you fly near airports?
    It depends. Although it is true there are some locations and areas that are either off-limits or have additional height restrictions, we can fly near, or even at, most airports if we can obtain the necessary legal permission. If you are unsure of the viability of a particular location, give us a call and we'll be happy to take a look!
  • What types of drones do you fly?
    Escribens Media pilots almost exclusively fly drones manufactured by DJI Enterprise. DJI is the industry leader and currently owns approximately 70% market share. The specific model of drone that will be used on your project can vary; however, all are minimally equipped with cameras capable of shooting video in 4K resolution. In almost all cases, the pilot assigned to your project will be using a DJI Mavic, Phantom, or Inspire model drone.
  • Which file format do you use?
    Escribens Media is committed to delivering the highest quality imagery possible; therefore, unless otherwise specified by the client, we shoot photos in RAW (DNG) format and film in either MP4 or MOV format. The RAW (DNG) images are converted to JPG when edited.
  • Can weather affect your ability to fly?
    Yes, factors such as wind, temperature, precipitation, and lighting can all affect the ability to fly. Safety is our main concern and we evaluate the weather conditions before each flight to assure the safest possible flight.
  • Are there any restrictions to drone flights?
    Yes, we abide by the current FAA restrictions: Our pilots must maintain a visual line of sight with the drone at all times. Flying must be done during daylight hours, with the only exception being 30 mins before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset, unless we are using a nighttime waiver. Maximum altitude is 400 feet above the ground or a structure. For example, if we are filming a 150 ft building, we could fly 550 ft high directly above the building. We cannot fly over the heads of people who are not directly participating in the operation. We cannot fly within a 5 mile radius of an airport without prior authorization from the FAA.
  • Do you rent out your drones?
    No, our drones are only used for the drone services we provide.
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